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Unique Smokers

Customized Smokers applying a patent pending smoking process.

 A smoker that can be used by anyone from the novice to the professional.

How The Smokers Work

The simple, easy, smoking process.

The smokers work by conduction and convection. The cooking chamber is heated by conduction from burners heating a 3/16" bottom plate. The wood chips are placed into the wood chip box welded to the bottom plate. The wood chip box is heated by a burner. The heat is conducted through the bottom of the box making the wood chips smolder. The smoke travels up the internal chimney into the cooking chamber. The smoke travels through the chamber until it is pulled back into the front of the wood chip box by convection, continually recirculating, giving the food a nice smoky flavor The cooking chamber is completely separated from the heat source. There are no unwanted tainted flavors from fuels. The cooking chamber is not vented to the atmosphere, NO smoke stack. All the juices and moisture stay in the chamber preventing the product from drying out.

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Simple To Use

The simple way to smoke foods


#1 Set product on rack

Set your item to be smoked on the racks provided and insert temperature monitor in item.

Slide racks in and close and latch doors


#2 Wood chips

Load your wood chips of choice into the wood chip box.

Shut and latch door.

Remember because the smoke recirculates a little goes a long way.


#3 Lighting

Set the temperature on the product monitor. 

Set your cooking temperature on the gas temperature control valve.

Light the burners using the spark igniter.

Look thru the access hole to prove burners are lit.

Let it do its job.


#4 Finished

After the temperature monitor has signaled product is done, Turn off gas.

Open door.

Remove product.

Drop down door acts as a work surface.

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Unique Smokers

All Smokers are custom fabricated to meet your needs with a patent pending smoking process.

Built with heavy gauge steel for long life.

Bottom plate is 3/16. Sides and top are 12ga sheet steel. 

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Custom Built

We will be proud to help you with your decision.

11,900 cubic inch.
45,000 BTU
Tempered glass window.
3 Rack

38,00 cubic inch
30,000 BTU
Top warming rack
2 Rack

11,900 cubic inch
45,000 BTU
3 Rack

6,000 cubic inch
45,000 BTU
1 Rack

Hitch mount portable

Customized unit in use.

We can build what you desire.

Pig cooker

This custom unit will cook a delicious moist pig. 

The client desired a butterfly smoker that was sized for a 130 lb pig

Pig and RailGate 011.jpg

Butterfly Smoker

Both sides drop down and act as a platform for a good pig picking

Brians Pig Bake 009 (2).jpg

For information Please call or email.


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Sun: Closed


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What we have cooked.

Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Goose, Fish, Shrimp, Oysters, Vegetables,

Elk, Deer, Moose, Antelope, 

Try it.....

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